We’re looking for outstanding students to put forward for the BBSRC PhD scheme SWBio DTP (Doctoral Training Program) for our latest project

Automated prediction of health and welfare in captive fish using behaviour from video

The project will use computer vision and machine/deep learning to develop an early warning system for poor health and welfare in captive fish. Our ultimate aim is to have a working system for use in aquaculture, laboratories and aquariums to help
inform how fish are cared for.

This is a very interdisciplinary and collaborative project. It’s with Prof Carlos Garcia de Leaniz at Swansea University, and the project is an ‘associate partner’ project, where the student will spend time at both Bristol and Swansea. Prof Andrew Dowsey, also at Bristol, will oversee and provide training in the computer vision and machine learning side of the project.

There’s more detail about the project here, and you can apply via here. The final submission deadline is Midnight, Mon 7th December 2020, but please get in touch before this as it will allow us to provide feedback on your application. We want to support diverse and inclusive work environments, so we welcome applications from individuals regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, or disability status. You can check out our lab’s ethos, current group members, and publications using the related pages buttons.