We’re looking for top candidates for this year’s BBSRC SWBio PhD studentship competition. Our project is really exciting, exploring the interaction between farmed sheep, their parasites and how they use their environment. There’s a big range of skills you will be trained in, including the use and analysis of GPS.┬áThe list of projects, including ours (Dr. Eric Morgan is the main supervisor), can be found here. Please get in touch if you’re interested!

UPDATE: We were awarded funding for our candidate, Natalie Ireland, but she didn’t accept the place and dropped out. So the project is still available – if you’re really interested in it, as a PhD / postdoc / fellow, please get in touch and we can discuss applying for funding.

FURTHER UPDATE: BBSRC have released more money for this scheme, so are re-advertising our project. Again, it’s to start THIS AUTUMN. The deadline is very soon, before mid-May, so if you’re interested, please get in touch asap!