Information under anthropogenic change: how do fish respond to increased noise and turbidity?

Come and join the research group! We’re looking for a top candidate for this year’s NERC GW4+ PhD studentship competition. The project will look at how information (from both private and social sources) is affected by turbidity and anthropogenic noise, with a great line up of cosupervisors including Profs Steve Simpson and Andy Radford, and Dr Amy Deacon. The project uses three-spined sticklebacks and/or the Trinidad guppy as a model system, and can involve plenty of field work in lovely Trinidad. If you’ve got a first class degree, prizes from your degree and/or a published paper, get in touch!

You can find more details here. The final deadline is 2359 hours GMT Friday 8 January 2021 but please contact me before this so I can help with your application.